Sunday, February 1, 2015

El Brujo: even the ghosts start dancing

Yesterday's informal tango evening started very formally but ended in a wild nuevo kind of race! I was leaving but nearly turning back, dancing with my coat on, when a new tanda was to begin . . . but I hardened my heart.

Even a ghost got down to the pista!

Tango in Sweden

El Brujo

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A bloody boleo!

Things happen on pista when too high and careless boleos are used on too crowded milonga!

Click this line to read the whole story!  2015.01.29

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vincent & Maryline

My first and greatest love among tango teachers!

 I was working with them during 2003-2005 and I still, every now and then, run through some of the 155 figures we were working on at those times. Vincent and Maryline were a really popular couple here in Sweden having workshops in different places. The playfull musicality just catched my and the tango peers' hearts and souls! The way they worked together during performances was and still is unique - totally based on connection.

It was a wonderful surprice to meet her in Stockholm last weekend for a moment!

No! I did not get a dance with her - the guys were cabeceo-ing her quite energetic. But I am happy anyhow because this feels like a positive omen for my decision to start training a more dynamic dance, a dance with minimal kind of nuevo movements. Year 2015 I am ready for you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sueño Porteño - At other places!.

I really liked this milonga! We came early and had time to look around in the the old venue and watch when dancers arrived and filled the dance floor. One who came even earlier was the lady in red on the pista with only a few persons on the floor and please check her feet still moving smoothly, beautifully after more then 70 years on the pistas in the video!

For this night the DJ was female; noticed by the DJ lady of our little group.

I asked the organizer if it was ok with ladies leading and she strongly approved that. She tries to change the traditions and has occasionally ladies invitation for some parts of evenings.

Because it is still quite unusual the followers are not monitoring invitations from women but I managed to catch the attention of a friendly, well dancing lady from Uruguay. She gave me a nice milonga tanda for this evening!

According information this is the venue for the old milonga called Niño Bien. Featured also in the book Long After Midnight at Niño Bienat by Brian Winter -  This is the reason for the balcony scene here - some descriptions of the moments on those balconies were so vividly written in the book. I needed a touch down.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

La Glorieta - At other places!

La Glorieta is the only outdoor milonga I visited while in Buenos Aires! This place had a glorious reputation at home so I had build up a big imaginary venue. The real one was quite a lot smaler . . .
If you have not been there yet; take a look!

Here I did not spot a woman leader during the milonga but on the lesson before I noticed a femail couple taking the steps!

I visited the place with a non-dancing friend so we mostly just took pictures and then walked for a late coffee and took a bus towards Congreso.

I visited the china town earlier the same week to by some things and to see the place. I always visit the local china town if possibly. China and Japan have been my long time loves since childhood!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Confiteria Ideal! - At other places!

My first night ever in Argentina and Buenos Aires started at Confiteria Ideal! The place I had heard so much about and was eager to see. Beautiful was it even if we only could move around at first floor only.

I spotted a woman leader during all the milonga tandas and you can watch her dancing in the last video clip among the visuals below. After seeing one more female couple on a milonga tanda I joined the dancers; me too leading! There was several persons at tables and some couples encouraging us rule breakers.

If you want to read about the history of this milonga as well as about the story of the house, please, check this blog to start : Click here and chekc!

BBC has done a program about Confiteria Ideal, tango and stuff. It is some years old but I found it still interesting. Click here to find out what do you think!

November 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Repetition builds up favorites in music

According this talk the repetition gives us possibility to reorganize the already known information. There is also time to focus on new aspects in the content giving us totally new experiences.

The music we are dancing to is cleverly and skillfully build up offering us access to vast material of structures and variations. There is also a lot of repetition of the songs when you are regularly  attending a series of milongas.

After this talk I am even more bound to the idea of listening a song until I cannot put up with it anymore but if I still continue to listen I will get into a deeper level of understanding and experiencing! I get hooked to the song in a special way which gives me a deep feeling of joy when a old song is played again after many years.