Friday, April 29, 2016

Female leaders 2009

I want to share a playlist of early female leaders dancing in public! Check your favorites!

One of my favorites is the number 13 on the list. Alejandra Mantinan is leading and she is doing it REALLY well!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

An early female leader

Fabiano Sharna is a longtime female leader who started among the first female leaders in the world to lead in public!

Here some of the thoughts she want to share with us others

. . . report greater satisfaction with their overall social tango experience when they share learning and dancing time with other women.

. . . Beyond my own story, though, one of the biggest reasons I continue to offer events for women is simply to keep them dancing! I want tango to be healthy and inspiring for women and the truth is that it is not always that.

. . . Because when women DO stay involved for the long haul, and find ways to enjoy tango on their own terms, everyone wins! The community as a whole grows stronger and benefits both from their dancing skills and also from a multitude of creative contributions that range from DJ-ing to dressmaking.

The whole story you can find via the link below:

She has been working on these aspects for a long time. Here her thoughts from 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Uneven lovely dance - is hard compensation

"If we are dependent on having a “good partner”, then we aren’t actually very good dancers."

This was the essence of the blog linked below!

When you are only dancing with partners who are vigorously compensating your low skill level to keep the dance going on you are developing a wrong image about your skill. You probably are not working on the most severe problems in your technique because you are not aware of them, you newer meet your devils.

The whole story!

I still think that the BEST COMBO is when the partners are about at the same level!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Demography of some BA milongas

I do not know the origin of this graph but it is fun to check and as I see it has some real relevance!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

To predict a break up of your tango group

It seems that there is quite concrete way to find out if a group has reach a stage when a polarization of the group will split the it to two parts. When I was aware of this mechanism I became more calm and the split was easier to accept.

Mathematical analysis of the break point for a group. Read it because it could do your day some easier too!

This article points out that the dynamics for groups and relationships seems to have different mechanisms. For groups the high number of shared connections is good but for relationship more separated friendship clusters are stabilizing the couple.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ridiculous difficulties!

During my tango years I have become aware of the fact that we are transforming a simple process of dancing to something difficult!  We define the distances, the way we approach the dance partner and all the other small details presented.

Your can open a door but if you need to do it in the Finnish way - then the whole process will turn to  VERY complicated collection of steps which are nearly impossible to perform smoothly!

When watching this old video you could think about your tango history in a class!
    the rhythmically correct way, the critical left foot step, to change weight correctly
 some other similarities? 

There are English subtitles for you if your Finish language skills need some support

Shouldn't we start to reclaim the easy way to learn?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The mishmatch shoes

She visited Buenos Aires and bought shoes. Different colors but same model, the only one fitting her capricious feet.
At home the pairs were worn out after months of dancing but she liked the model and the old lady who was running the shop was trusted. So the next pair was ordered at distance and was delivered across the Atlantic.

It was a disaster. The new pair did not fit.

After some time she was traveling to Buenos Aires again and the shoes with her!

The shopkeeper took a good look at the model, checked the dimensions, asked some questions about my friends special needs and when there wasn't any she said that the shoes were wrongly build!

The front part was size 37 as it should but the heel belonged to a size 38. That was the reason of the bad fit. But that wasn't a problem for her because they could rebuild the shoe, open up the heel and place a correct size 37 there.

When my friend showed the reminds of the earlier pairs, the highly beloved ones, she offered to restore them. Her team could open up the shoe, replace some of the worn out parts and then complete the reparation. That message gave back happy pista for her and some of the other followers my friend met there!