Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Milonga Grammofon at Pele - At other places

This time you find even me dancing on this facebook video!

Click here!

This is my Alma Mater and the owner/organizer is one of my earliest teachers. The restaurang has got a renovation uplift well needed after so many rears.

An earlier video shows the break down party when we were dancing and breaking down the old floor.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3Esquinas - At other places!

The late afternoon milonga on Sundays is one of the most popular during Stockholm winter.

Maximo and his family is running the event since 6 years - they had a anniversary last Sunday - and when you look the crowd it will last long!

The video is purposely blurred!  so you can relax even if you spot my camera.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Variation please!

I talked with an old leader friend yesterday evening and he is frustrated.

I our town we have several hundred tango dancers but it is not enough for him! He spots the same faces in the venues night after night. He is dreaming of to move to south and live somewhere in the region including  Copenhagen, Malmoe and Lund.

Those three places creates a busy creative community in change all the time! Travelers find their way easily to the venues and festivals announced at high speed frequency!

He wouldn't be the first one to move because of Tango!  It happens regularly now and it happened in history too!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Or something similar - my spanish is not up to date . . .

But anyhow a new word for dancing tango has been included to Diccionario de la lengua espa├▒ola

If you click the picture below it will be shown as a larger copy.

A practica in Stockholm with a feet quiz

The practica presented here was run in March this year. I filmed quite late in the evening, just before the La Cumparcita, after having danced off my own feet!

If you have visited us at that time you maybe recognize the feet of these three couples presented in the middle of the video

A.  The relatively new feet on tango pista

B.  The most rhythmical feet in out community

C.  The playful feet on that evening

As you see we have divided the space in two parts: the part near the scene is for dancing with continuous flow, mostly for the experienced dancers. If you want to train your steps and discuss the solutions instead you can do that at the far end of the pista on the other side of the row of chairs.

Welcome to your Wednesday practica some day in Stockholm!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Plaza Bohemia - At other places!

Milonga Plaza Bohemia is one of the most strict seating and cabeceo milongas in Europe! I have learned to like it. One of the reasons is the venue having a small corridor area with followers and leaders facing each others - easy to see and nod.

Here, at this end of the corridor we have a round pista and at the other end are the tables for families and couples.

Plaza Bohemia in Stockholm - 2014.10.04

Friday, October 3, 2014

ROST - At other places!

Yesterday was my first time at Rost this autumn - a wonderful cafe with great atmosphere! The owner is passionate collector of things and tasty recipes.

Every other Thursday a part of the floor is cleared for dancing and the other tables and corners are filled in with non dancing visitors. The new thing for this year was that the space had been increased by pushing the wall further in to the garage, where the motorcycles and things are fully visible behind the glass doors!

This video is from last season but it still gives you a good picture of the place!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dispari workshop

It is autumn again and for the third time I participated in a Disparis workshop! This time the organizers were in Uppsala, Sweden, easily reached by a commuter train from here!

Photo Bengt Backlund/EB

The sad news was that Marita is using wheelchair because of a knee injury. We miss her dancing but her voice and laughter were definitely there! During the workshop she generously gave feedback to everyone coming to her. The couple traveling with them assisted during the lessons. Friendly persons and when I danced with Alessia she could explain the issues in good english! I feel inspired!

My companion for the two earlier workshops had not possibility to follow me this year so I had two new followers. This motivated me to rehears the earlier content in my notes and video library. Some material was run together with the follower. This made our life easier during the weekend.

I am a slow learner but during the workshop I managed to lift a lot of the earlier material from training stuff to dancing level, ready for a milonga evening.