Friday, June 24, 2016

Foxtrot suitable as a milonga?

The following discussion was if this was a foxtrot or quick step and if it could be danced as a milonga

What do you think? Could this be a good break during a loooooong  tangonight?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tango ads with local flavour

Here two tango advertisement from the Finnish tango community!

The first one has it's connection to sauna - a very central concept in the Finnish everyday life - here it gets it's place on a  marathon ad. I think it is quite natural  this marathon will be warm, very warm!

The second one is about the REAL men in Finland!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Revealing your dancing level?

According to this news clip the body temperature pattern can reveale if you are in love. The consequensies for a couple could be devastating if a free test will be available in future. There could be terrifying options for bodies which are functioning significantly different and test results will segregate them to a lonely life.

On the other hand there could be different use for this kind of checks! For example there maybe is a difference in temperature when you are in a PRACTICA mode and your brain is monitoring your movements and planning the coming steps compared to when your are actually dancing. I think that in the DANCING mode your brain is in a different state and the emotions are more active, you feel your dance. This could produce a different thermographic pattern, noticable in an external device. It could reveal at what level your dancing shifts back to practica level, when you need to think how to dance. This shift is different for different dancers and it goes together with the skil level. The more skilled couple the later the shift comes!

So in the future the organicer asks you to dance, points her mobile phone at you and places you to level x on the workshop weekend!

Here you have the link to the love version of the body thermography test:


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The brooms as a partner

He   r e a l l y  knows the follower movements!

If you want to twist your brain try it!
                    I will push your leader skills and learning much further, deeper!



Thursday, May 19, 2016

A tip from a DJ

Are you a DJ and for the moment unsure about a song; Is it danceable or not? Does it put the dancers in fire?

According to a colleague of yours you can use the Youtube as tool to check it out!

If there is a lot performances using that song it could be a real hit at your milonga!

But pay attention! There are fals friends like Libertango

It is enormous popular as a exhibition song but it is very seldom played in a milonga. I think the only occasion per year for me is the summermilonga; a large informal outdoor milonga for several hundreds of dancers every Friday night - there we will hear it even this summer the Gace Jones version, please!

Here is the portal I builded around this song. The subtitles poping up give you a playlist, just cklick the smal video icon to choose that path!

(This youtube solution works only on a computer, sorry for that)