Monday, November 23, 2015

The mystery of changed mood

Last weekend I started my Saturday round with very low expectations similar to the grey November weather outside. The first stop was Comme il faut - a monthly milonga with strict traditional setup - where I usually have good tandas. But not this time - I just couldn't get in to right mood, just couldn't get into the music or connect to the followers. Only the most experienced followers could reach to me at the bottom of this evening!

I left the place around 9PM to get to my second stop. It was a walk in the darkness.

At arrival I decided to fulfill my promise to dance some tandas and then go home. I started the tanda with my longtime partner and after a half tanda we nearly fell down when she suddenly went to an unleaded sideways volgada in a direction where I had just a fraction of possibility to support her.

But this was the start signal for an amazing night!

After that our bodies started to cooperate seamlessly in a amazing way. Her movements have never been so relaxed and exact! My body must have moved in a similar way because we got deep into an exalted flow and you can not reach there alone but both need to be in the same mood!

We did all the tandas we could manage before we noticed the first signs of fatigue. I danced just one more tanda and left for home. Such a highly memorable night!


Milonga RuntRunt

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eleonora Kalganova Women's Technique 5

When you see her dancing you will remember her!

The footwork is fantastic and I understand why after seeing her exercise. They differ from other videos because the movements are so small that you are actually able to apply this on your dance, and use on the pista!


Here you have a walz from September this year!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sebastian Arce Mariana Montes interview subtitled

My top favorite, elegant artists in tango!

In this video Mariana is talking a lot also :) You will hear about the background for moving to Europe and their experiences while here.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

TangoTalks - your traveling companion

Sometimes I feel that just listening the music and dancing is not enough. I have allways loved to study and my brain is often hungry wanting to know some theoretical explanations or stories about deeper personal experiences in tango.

Now I put my hope on TangoTalks. This website presents one hour long interviews with tango personalities.

I found this site for not a long time ago so I do not know how it will be working for me but I am traveling some days in the future and have a plan to listen to these episodes on the go.

Click this line to land the site!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a Milonga practica

I was asked to lead a milonga practica at Practica Humilde last Thursday and I did!

It was a long time since last practica - I was teaching mostly during the years 2005-2010 - so there was a wide gap of pure dancing until today. During these dancing years I have changed my perspective quite a lot and got some more understanding for mechanisms in movements.

The main issue was how slowly I answered to questions which were not on the theme of the day. I needed to recall my earlier ideas, check what I had learned during the last five years and then put together my answer: nothing ready from the shelves!

You can activate the Facebook video by clicking this very line!

Facebook posting

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alejandra Mantiñan & Gabriel Missè

She has the fastest feet I have seen on the youtube pistas!  . . . . and as you see he is not running behind!

This must be filmed for some years ago because the song Pavadita has been blocked out from the tango world for too long!  It was so fun when it started to pop up on playlists here and there. That was the music I learned to dance to! One of the early musicality lessons was about to respect the 3 (?) stops build in here - Gabriel and Alejandra did it well!  :) Don't you agree?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blanquita 90 years is performing!

This is an open posting at Facebook so I suppose you are able to see it even without an account!

In the text they call the lady for Blanquita and state her to be 90 years and still dancing well.


Click this line to get a free ride to facebook and the experience!

I think the same lady is dancing socially at Sueño Porteño

FB link

Youtube link